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Postpartum doula

Professional support for the whole family during the fourth trimester.

We welcome clients in and around the Stockholm area.


To be used during the first three months from birth.
Price: 3-9 hours à 850 kr/hour

Minimum 3 hours / session.


To be used during the first three months from birth.
Price: 10-20 hours à 800 kr/hour

Minimum 2 hours / session


To be used during the first three months from birth.
Price: 21-50 hours à 750 kr/hour

Minimum 2 hours / session.

+ Night

Between 10 PM and 7 AM.

Additional 150 kr/hour.

Minimum 6 hours / session.

*In the event of a birth your postpartum doula might have to reschedule your postpartum support with short notice

"You are the best parent for your child.

I will help you find your self conficence as a parent"

- Doulamamman

Professional help in the comfort
of your own home.

As a new parent your life might have been turned upside down and the love for your new baby could be overflowing - or not! No matter what, it is a big change that is not always easy to navigate and many people feel a little lost in how to manage it all.

The first three months after birth are often referred to as ‘the fourth trimester’ due to the particular needs and wants of a newborn. During this time it is very common to find yourself with a lack of resources and support - and that is where a professional postpartum doula can step in. The goal of a postpartum doula is to contribute to a calm and safe environment while giving the parents the support or break that they so often need.
We are here to listen and guide you while also providing an extra set of hands to give you and your family a happier, more rested and calmer state of mind.

"I, Doulamamman, have been supporting parents for over 30 years and it is my passion in life. I am now a certified postpartum doula and during the last couple of years I have had the pleasure of being able to offer my services to new parents during the most critical time of parenthood."

To give yourself the time and chance to get the knowledge, tricks and routines that lead to a good start is a beautiful investment for you and your family!

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Suggestions on what can be included

This is just a few examples of how to use your postpartum support. Together with your postpartum doula you will evaluate your needs and decide what it is that would benefit you the most.

Our doula packages Deluxe and Premium includes 9 and 18 hours of postpartum support respectively.

  • A chance to talk through and process the birth, help with "baby blues" and any kind of difficult feelings you might be having
  • Emotional support 
  • Infant feeding support - how to increase the chances of a successful feeding journey by reading your baby's early cues
  • Everyday support - how to make your new life work with a new baby, any siblings that already might be a part of the family,  and yourself
  • Good sleeping and nigh time routines - advice and guidance on how to create good conditions and sleeping habits
  • Baby sitting during the day, to make time for yourself, your other kids, some extra rest or any other activity you might feel like doing
  • Baby sitting and support during the night, to give you that extra sleep you so badly need or crave
  • General support - your doula will listen and evaluate your needs to help and guide you through the beginning of this new chapter in life

You will choose the support that you need - your wants and needs are what shapes the support that you receive.

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