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About Cornelia

I believe that preparation, support and informed choices are essential components for a positive experience.

I am Cornelia!

I have had an interest in births since I was a child and the dream to somehow work with births has always been there. When I was told what a doula was, the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. I trained in 2019 and it was love from the first moment.

I live in southern Stockholm with my husband and our three children. I love working with people and the encounters that arise from it. In addition to being a doula, I am a trained teacher in leisure centers and work as a pedagogue at a school in Stockholm.

As an educator, I bring several things with me to my doula work. Flexibility, the ability to look after different needs, create supportive environments, be the calm in the storm and to work with the different conditions of individuals. We are all unique. Both in my role as doula and educator, my biggest focus is on creating and promoting safety.

Representation and diversity are important in all professional categories, I think, and I want to nuance the image of doulas and who can hire one.

To give birth is to be in a very fragile and vulnerable position. But for many there is also a fear of being exposed to prejudice and discrimination in the encounter with the healthcare system.

I want to be there to support and influence the atmosphere in an empowering way. Everyone deserves to feel safe and respected.

It is my strong belief that births have a great impact on our lives. A positive, empowering experience creates ripples on the water for a long time after the baby is born. It can affect self-esteem, relationships, connection, well-being and can fundamentally change you. A negative experience can have the same effects but the opposite. I believe that preparation, support and informed choices are important components to having a positive experience. My wish and aspiration is that everyone who gives birth should be able to give birth on their own terms, feel seen, respected and held. And can give birth in the place they want and feel safe in

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  • Doula training 2019 via din gravidcoach


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