Swedish Doula Agency by Doulamamman

Why hire a doula?

To have the support of a doula before and during labor is a way to take charge and increase your chances of a positive birth experience.

Safe and strong together

A doula will help you feel safe and strong  together with your support person or partner. You will get the knowledge and tools to strengthen you as a team and make the process of birth easier.

You can do it together!

Support for the partner or support person

The hospital staff commonly focuses on the person giving birth, and it is not uncommon for a partner to feel left out, insecure and unsure of what to do. That is why a doula works closely together with the partner or support person to make sure they have the tools to make them feel confident and involved.

Shorter labor and fewer complications

Studies have shown that the presence of a labor doula has many positive effects on childbirth, this is what is called “the doula effect”.

  • The number of unscheduled cesarians decrease 
  • The length of birth is typically shorter
  • The need for medical pain relief is smaller
  • The desire for epidurals are less

Link to the study:
Continous support for women during childbirth” 2012.

Confident birth

Before and during birth we often use the Confident birth method. It includes four tools: breathing, relaxation, your voice and the power of thought. You will learn all you need to know about these four tools and how to utilize them in a way that works best for you. This will help you facilitate a belief in your body's abilities and to listen to your intuition.

There are so many things we can do to support the physical process of birth!

A doula is a birthing coach here to empower both the birthing person and the support person.

The goal is to give you the knowledge and tools you need to be the best team possible to make sure you have the most positive experience possible.

The process of doula support

We have great experience in supporting both birthing people with a partner, a support person or single moms. We welcome clients in and around Stockholm and Uppsala. 

To be in the moment

Our goal is to guide you through the whole process of pregnancy and birth by increasing your ability to trust and listen to your body - it knows what to do. To be able to trust in the power of the mind is a great strength in childbirth, and our focus is to give you the knowledge and tools to encourage this. 

A first meeting

We always start off with a first meeting, online or in person somewhere where we can have a coffee and a moment to talk. It’s important that you get a chance to meet your potential doula, get to know her a little bit and hear about how she can support you. If you want to continue in the process you will sign an agreement to confirm her working with you.

Childbirth education and support during pregnancy

We will talk about your thoughts and feelings about the upcoming birth, the process of birth, pain relieving options and hospital routines. Together we will also create your birth plan and make sure all your wishes and wants are covered and clearly stated. You will have all your questions answered and the sessions are adapted to your individual needs - everything is done so that you can feel as prepared and safe as possible. Together we will become a birthing team in preparation for the big day!

We often use the method called Confident Birth. You will learn about the four tools, both theoretically and practically, to understand the physical aspect of birth and promote your ability to listen to your body. 

Together we will cover different kinds of relaxing and pain relieving massages and counter pressures to use during birth. You will also be familiarized with the Spinning baby techniques that you can use to have a more comfortable pregnancy and an easier birth. The excercises are used to relax different muscles and ligaments surrounding the uterus, and also to give the baby an increased chance of moving into an optimal position in the pelvis. 

You will also receive practical advice regarding infant feeding and the fourth trimester - the first three months following birth. 

Support during labor

You usually keep in contact with your doula over the phone during the first phases of labor and, depending on which package you have chosen, she will join you at home or at the hospital. She will then stay with you until the baby is born and some time after. 

There is always a backup doula on call in case anything would prevent your primary doula from attending, or if the labor continues for too long.

Support at home

Once you have left the hospital and returned home you will contact your doula some time during the first four weeks to schedule a follow up appointment. You will then talk about your experience and have the chance to process your feelings. She will also be available by phone to give you any extra support that you might need regarding feeding your baby or any other questions surrounding your new baby. 

Our Deluxe and Premium packages also include nine respectively eighteen hours of postpartum support and an infant feeding consultation.