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Your labor- and postpartum doula with an experienced team in Stockholm.

Get yourself the support and advice that you need during your new stage of parenting - during your pregnancy, through labor and in the comfort of your own home after birth.

We happily welcome clients in and around the Stockholm area!


Digital support for parents

Coaching after home-coming

Now everyone has the chance to receive support immediately after birth, physically or digitally. This is a service that secures you during the first six weeks of child care, where we can guide you in the questions and concerns that arise. The content of the service is adapted to what you need!

Hire a doula after birth

Postpartum doula

When you come home after giving birth and the fourth trimester begins, everyday life can feel overwhelming for many. Then both emotional and practical support may be needed. Someone who listens, gives advice, relieves stress and shares knowledge - all to highlight the self-confidence in your parenting. You are the best parent to your child!

Hire a doula for the whole process

Doula services

Support down the whole road, includes a private preparatory birth training (prophylaxis) where the doula's mission is to support you in what you need before and during the process. We go through the different phases of childbirth, pain relief methods, hospital routines and breastfeeding and feeding strategies and put together a birth plan. A doula does everything to ensure that you feel as prepared as possible both emotionally and physically before, during and after the birth. There are three different packages - choose what suits you!

Childbirth Education

Preparation courses for expecting parents

Knowledge gives security! We offer various private training courses. Give you the great opportunity to prepare properly together. For example, take part in a private course in the 'feed without fear method' (FUR) and its four tools. Share feelings, thoughts and thoughts and receive personal guidance for upcoming challenges and experiences.

What is a doula, and why should you hire one?

We are seeing a growing interest in the will to learn more about the physiology of birth and pregnancy - and an increased deisire to take responsibility for your birthing experience. A doula will give you the comfort and support that you need to take on this journey.

" Best decision ever " 

One of the best decisions ever was to contact the doula Anneli who created enormous security and knowledge before the birth.
Such a humble, genuine and warm person who always took the time to answer and give feedback but also always went the extra mile in everything!


"  Such a revenge " 

Anneli is the best doula in the world, got such a revenge from my first birth thanks to her. Both the preparation and when she was there was amazing!


" Safe, competent & experienced " 

Anneli instilled great confidence and I felt more and more confident both in my own ability to give birth and in the process itself. Every time Anneli talked about the birth, she mostly made me feel calm. I forgot that I was scared and it felt amazing to know that she and I would be "a team" in the birthing process. This was truly invaluable and the birth went beyond all expectations. Today I feel an enormous gratitude from the bottom of my heart to Doulan Anneli.


"  All I wished for  " 

Anneli gave me the security I needed to dare to give birth in my

own way, free from worry and uncertainty. Her presence and support both before and during the birth was all I wanted and all I needed to devote myself to the birth and just go with my body.
The birth is one of my most beautiful and powerful memories and I am eternally grateful to Anneli for what she did for us. Anneli is not "just" a support during the birth itself, but a rock that is behind you all the way.


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