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About Ruth

Your birth is yours, only yours. You are in charge of and knows what is best for you - and I am happy to support you along the way.

I am Ruth!

As a person, I am warm, empathetic, committed and I am never far from laughter. Others also describe me as reliable, cheerful and flexible.

I have trained as a doula and prophylaxis instructor in the method Confident birth (Föda utan rädsla) and also have experience with Hypnobirthing and Spinning babies.

I went through involuntary infertility leading up to IVF. I remember how alone I felt and how clinical all the meetings with midwives and doctors were. So when it came time for the third treatment, I chose not to go ahead - even though it was free. Because I felt neither seen nor safe.

Instead, I started consulting clinics abroad and then got a completely different feeling. Warmth and safety. What I needed. With them, the focus was more holistic and included all of me. The emotional part was at least as important as the medical.

I managed to get pregnant naturally, so I didn't have to continue with the treatments. But the feeling of finally being seen and listened to - the support and the all-important security - stayed with me.

That was something that I wanted to carry with me into my own births. And that is the reason that I have hired a doula for both of my children's births and found that the support i recieved contributed to positive birth experiences. I had the privilege of being present at my sister's births and afterwards I knew I had finally found home and my passion in life.

I will help you make informed choices to feel well prepared. My goal is to make your experience as good as possible - regardless of the outcome.

Your birth is yours, yours alone. You decide and know what is best for you. But I'm happy to support you along the way.

Feel free to get in touch and we will book an unconditional meeting to get to know each other. Then I can tell you how I can  support you and your possible partner or support person before and during birth.

Doula merits

Trainings and certifications

  • Doula training 2021
  • Profylax instructor 2021
  • Mothers blessing - Goddess ceremony 2022
  • Rebozo technique workshop 2023


In and around:

  • Stockholm
  • Other areas per request


  • Swedish
  • English