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About Hanna

I value the importance of seeing to every client's individual wants and needs so that I am able to contribute to them getting to give birth on their own terms.

I'm Hanna!

As a person I am warm, responsive and passionate about the life altering moments surrounding pregnancy and birth. The time before, during and after labor affects your parenthood in unexpected ways, and my wish is that everyone would have the chance to enter this new chapter of life with knowledge and confidence. 

A lot of my strength lies in my ability to stay calm and steady even in stressful situations. The ability to influence the people around you with your mood is vital when working around labor and delivery, and that is a situation where I find that my responsive and comforting personality suits really well. 

I am used to working with Spinning Babies, Hypnobirthing and Confident Birth and use these different methods in combination with my deep knowledge about pregnancy and birth to help the birthing person and their partner or support person in the best way possible.

It is important to me to see to every client's individual needs and wants, so that I am able to contribute to them getting to give birth on their own terms. It might be supporting them in an undisturbed home birth, a hospital birth with every pain relieving method available, or anything in between. How you wish to give birth does not matter to me - but at the top of my list is that every individual deserves to be seen, heard and empowered to be able to get the best possible birthing experience that they can have.  

I also have a great interest in photography, and always bring my camera with me when working as a doula. To capture all moments, small or great, with beautiful pictures is something that is usually very much appreciated.

Besides pregnancy and birth, I also have also specialized in infant feeding. I feel that the support around the feeding of babies is often lacking, and that advice and recommendations can differ enormously within, for example, one and the same BB department. As a new doula, I therefore focused a lot on advice and support around breastfeeding, which over time has grown to also include bottle feeding and partial breastfeeding. My experience is that the right knowledge and support about breastfeeding and bottle feeding can make an enormous difference to the well-being of the whole family during the first time with a new baby.

To my doula clients, I therefore offer a meeting where we review your expectations and hopes regarding feeding. And together with the expectant parents I then make an individual plan for how they will increase the chances of getting the type of feeding that they wish for. During the postpartum session, we check how things are going, and you will receive further tips and advice for the time to come.

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