Swedish Doula Agency by Doulamamman

About Doulamamman

I value the meeting between people and want to make others feel seen and heard. I will gladly support you during pregnancy, labor and later on as new parents in the comfort of your own home.

I am Doulamman, Anneli.

I work as a doula in and around Stockholm and Uppsala. I am a positive and comforting person that loves to work with people. I really appreciate intimate meetings and making sure my clients feel seen and heard, which is especially important during the big changes in life. There is nothing more precious to me than to support and make sure my clients feel as safe as possible. I have often been told that I am easy to talk to and have the ability to take in the emotions in the room, together with my warm personality this makes a great combination for a birth worker. If this is true, it makes me very happy that my greatest strength lies in what I love doing!

My foundation in life is my husband, my three grown up daughters and my grandkids. I live in Liljeholmen, just south of Stockholm, but also spend a lot of time in our country house in Norrtälje. 

I have a great love for children and have always had an interest in pregnancy and birth. My love for children led me on a long and exciting career path when I ran a kindergarten for 30 years together with three colleagues. Working with children and their parents has given me so much joy during those years, and I have had much use of my experience and knowledge surrounding parenthood and raising kids.

Going through my doula training I quickly realized that I also have a passion for pregnancy and childbirth, and with every birth I attended I felt the need to offer more diverse support to my clients - and that is when I decided to get trained and certified as a postpartum doula. This was a great way for me to broaden my services and continue to support my clients further after birth and into the journey of parenthood.

Since the spring of 2019 I’ve had the honor of attending over 150 births and the welcoming of new family members. I have also had the privilege to support many clients in their own homes during their first time together with their new baby. 

During the fall of 2021 I started my business Swedish Doula Agency and I now dedicate all my working hours to being Doulamamman and supporting clients together with my amazing team. 

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MY vision

I started Swedish Doula Agency when I decided to take the step and make my work as a doula into a full time job. These are my visions for the future.

To bring postpartum 
-doulas together

Over time I have the vision that the Swedish Doula Agency will be a place for postpartum doulas  in Stockholm to gather and offer a wide array of services surrounding pregnancy, labor and the time following birth. I hope that I can continue to spread information and attention about what a postpartum doula does to create collaborations together with others so that these type of services will be more accessible for more families.

Give back as a doula mentor

As a newly trained doula it’s very useful to meet other people in the same business to be able to create important connections and share knowledge. 

That’s why I, as an experienced doula, want to share my knowledge and experience, tips and advice to those who are just starting their doula journey. To be a doula is to collaborate!

Ramar och kramar,

loving boundaries

Loving boundaries is a concept that I have a plan to develop further on. With more than 30 years of experience working with kids and their parents, I would like to offer my support and advice to families with kids up til the age of five years old.

Doula merits

Trainings and certifications

  • Certified Odis-doula 2019 via Din gravidcoach
  • Certified Odis-postpartumdoula 2021 by Om baby wellness 
  • Active baby instructor 2019
  • Confident birth instructor 2020
  • NADA ear acupressure 2021
  • Acupressure for pregnancy and birth 2021
  • Oxytocin training by Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg 2021

Areas and languages

In and around:

  • Stockholm
  • Norrtäljere
  • Uppsala
  • Other areas upon request
  • Swedish
  • English